Reese Sway Control


Product Features


Trailer sway must always be considered in trailer towing. Unwanted sway turns a pleasant towing situation sour. Many factors can contribute to trailer sway - the design of the trailer, the suspension, tire inflation pressures, configuration of the tow vehicle, towing speeds and hitch weight. Therefore, Reese has devised several options to resist or prevent trailer sway..


Dual Cam HP Sway Control


This patented product is Reese Products main technique for controlling trailer sway. Unlike Friction Sway Control, this approach works to control sway from the start rather than just resisting sway once it's begun. And it works only when needed. The advantage of the Dual Cam System is its ability to forestall sway in addition to sway resistance. It works to hold down the start of swaying activity while at the same time allowing free and easy vehicle and trailer interaction. Another advantage of the Dual Cam System is that it is installed on the trailer and thereofre does not require adjustment every time the towing vehicle and trailer are hooked up, unless hitch weight or tow vehicle loading are changed.

•Integrated cams into the spring bars reduce noise

•No U-bolts to interfere with bottle racks or other A-Frame mounted items

•Specific attachment reference points provided

•Fits most applications

•Improved installation times

•Years of extensive field testing